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A Guide To Your Goals

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I have always loved to learn, and I have always loved to share what I have learned to empower and inspire.

I started reading about the Law of Attraction in 2008. In 2014, I became a certified Law of Attraction practitioner. I was fascinated by the possibility of being able to attract abundance into my life by changing my thoughts and my emotions, but I did not fully realize the full potential of the Laws of the Universe until I had the following experience.

I was working full time as a physical therapist. I loved working with my patients. I also knew that I wanted to retire at some time in my life.

I decided to invest in real estate in order to create a retirement income. I started taking real estate classes and I was advised to purchase this particular run-down house. The house was small and in an older neighborhood and I did not believe that anyone would want to rent it, but I followed their advice. The house needed a lot of work.  I spent a great deal of my time and money turning this small older house into an absolutely adorable house, but I still believed that it was too small, and the neighborhood was too old to attract a tenant.

I tried to rent it for a year with no luck. I was paying the mortgage and all the maintenance expenses on this house. it was a huge financial drain. I turned it over to a property management company and they had no luck renting it.  I finally sat down with the property manager and asked him why he could not rent this house.  He stated that when he showed it to possible tenants, they said that it was too small, and the neighborhood was too old.


I decided to change my beliefs. I sat down and imagined I was a possible tenant who was walking into my house. The possible tenant said, this house is small, but it is the "perfect size" for me. I love the way that the owner remodeled this house. This neighborhood is old, but I grew up in this area and I have friends in the neighborhood. 

The house was rented one week after I changed my beliefs and has been rented since that time! Our beliefs matter! 


I have used this technique and many other techniques to attract abundance into my life. I have a wonderful ideal partner, a beautiful home, and the financial freedom to live the life of my dreams.

I now teach the Laws of the Universe to others so that they too can experience abundance in all aspects of their life. 



Explore the possibilities that are available to you so that you can finally learn to believe in yourself and believe that you can truly live your most passionate life.


You do create your own future, so let's explore painting some amazing pictures!

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